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Débroussailleuse thermique Stihl FS 410 C-EM test
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Average price: 904,00$

Technical summary
Thermal brushcutter for demanding mowing jobs
Easy starting with the STIHL ErgoStart system
The STIHL M-Tronic system: fully electronic engine control
Convenient two-handed handle for mowing large areas
For forestry work. To eliminate brambles and undergrowth

The Stihl FS 410 C-EM is the ideal brushcutter for professional and semi-professional use. Its powerful engine, frame and typical Stihl ergonomics ensure easy handling and excellent performance throughout a long working day even on rough terrain. The FS 410 C-EM features a telescopic shaft for precise cutting and weeding at different working heights and in hard-to-reach areas. And its trimmer attachment makes it a versatile machine.

Learn more about other gardening tools like the Stihl FS 38, an entry-level model, or the Stihl FS 70CE, a mid-range model.

Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 410 C-EM avis
Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 410 C-EM avis test
Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 410 C-EM meilleur prix

Our opinion

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The many cutting heads
The equipment
The comfort of use
The power

Powerful, compact and easy to use, the FS 410 C-EM thermal trimmer is ideal for cutting in tight spaces between plants. As adaptable as you are, the FS 410 C-EM allows you to perform precision work with its full range of cutting heads. The high level of comfort it offers with its standard equipment will leave you free to enjoy your work sessions. However, if you want to take advantage of its features, you’ll need the budget for a new one.

Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 410 C-EM prix
Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 410 C-EM test complet
Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 410 C-EM test


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The new FS 410 C-EM brushcutter is the ideal tool for professionals with tool-free handlebar adjustment has it all: ergonomics and efficient cutting performance. By turning the handlebar to a steep angle, the cutting range is increased. This allows the user to mow a larger area with less fatigue and a higher output. The handlebar locking mechanism allows for quick adjustments without tools. The magnetic locking device allows for two-handed tool changes.

It comes with a 3-tooth coppicing knife but these accessories are interchangeable (depending on the vegetation: lawn, flowerbed finishes, dense weeds or tall grass).


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The FS 410 C-EM is equipped with a new anti-vibration system which makes it more ergonomic. This new system and the geometry of the handle ensure an optimal balance. It makes working on slopes more comfortable and further reduces engine and cutting tool vibrations. In other words, these brushcutters are equipped with steel springs with buffers that considerably reduce the vibrations generated by the engine and the rotary cutting tool. Therefore, when working, there is practically no vibration on the handles. All these features allow cutting and clearing without too much fatigue.

However, it cannot be considered as an example of lightness with a weight of 8.5 kilograms. Some gardeners will probably find it too heavy to cut the grass in their green spaces. Nevertheless, this brushcutter is a versatile tool.

In summary for this section, this brushcutter has an excellent grip for small jobs or finishing work up to clearing large areas in complicated situations!


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First of all, the Sthil FS 410 C-EM brushcutter is a thermal model equipped with a powerful 41.6 cm³ engine and a robust drive shaft. In fact, the high-torque motor allows for faster rotation and cutting speed. And it does so while running the machine at a lower engine speed to reduce fuel consumption. The engine has a clean intake. That is, after the combustion chamber burns its fuel, a layer of clean air seeps in between the exhaust and the fresh fuel mixture from the lower engine. This keeps harmful gases away from people and animals and offsets 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions.

Secondly, the noise level of its thermal engine is 110 dB, which is a relatively high noise level, we can only advise you to wear appropriate protection.

Also, the M-Tronic system precisely regulates the ignition point and fuel dosage in all conditions. It takes into account external factors such as temperature, altitude and fuel quality. With M-Tronic, all you have to do is turn the key and start the engine.


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The smooth, effortless starting of the engine is made possible by a spring. When the starter cord is not pulled, it compresses against a piston that will compress when the engine begins to run.


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It includes a 0.75 liter fuel tank, which is superior for this type of tool with gasoline engine and greatly improves its autonomy. Therefore, it allows for intensive use on grass or mowing small shrubs and brambles.

Lastly, when working with any type of thermal tool, it is important to clean and maintain your tools regularly after each use in order to maximize their life span. Then, you should always wear the appropriate protection: goggles or visor, helmet to weed safely.

Stihl is a recognized brand of garden equipment with a very good quality-price ratio. Here is a guide to the 5 main thermal brushcutters as well as the use and operation of a thermal and electric brushcutter for the different brands on the market.

The Stihl FS 410 C-EM grass trimmer at the best price

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The Stihl FS 410 C-EM brushcutter at the best price

This thermal brushcutter is displayed at the price of 904,00$ on the Stihl brand website, it offers an excellent quality/price ratio. The best price for this gardening tool as well as its accessories or spare parts can be found on Amazon retailers. The complete list can be found below.

Débroussailleuse thermique Stihl FS 410 C-EM test

Stihl FS 410 C-EM

Average price: 904,00$

Technical characteristics of the thermal grass trimmer FS 410 C-EM

Main features
Product usage
To cut green or dry herbs
8.5 kg
Maximum height of the product
180 cm
2 ans
Engine & Power
Power supply
Engine type
41.6 cc
2 000 watts
Priming pump
Yes, reduces the number of throws at startup
Yes, reduces start-up effort
Other features
Noise level
110 dB
Anti-vibration system
Presence of a harness
Comfort harness
Cutting width
420 mm
Wire head capacity
8 meters
Number of wire outputs
2-wire nylon head included
Type of wire feed
Folding handlebars
Yes, makes it easy to store and transport
With thermal circuit breaker
Supplied accessories
3-tooth coppicing knife (depending on store)

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