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Débroussailleuse thermique Stihl FS 70 CE avis
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Average price: 459,00$ to 469,00$

Technical summary
Rugged STIHL stratified sweep thermal brushcutter with powerful engine
Easy starting with the STIHL ErgoStart system
Durable air filter with metal grille for engine and electronics cooling
Simple harness for easier work

Mowing the lawn can be a tedious task, but clearing brush can be even more so! Designed to tackle big jobs and large yards! You can trust this cutting tool: the Stihl FS 70 CE gasoline brushcutter. Whether you want to clear a small orchard, mow large areas, clear inaccessible areas or clear a plot of land, or for garden maintenance with the cutting of nettles and other bushes for example.

A lawnmower or electric mower is a good tool for cutting grass, but in some situations it is necessary to use an edge trimmer, electric or thermal brushcutter to cut brambles, clean up borders, cut grass around beds or mow dense grass for example.

This quality equipment is also ready to use right out of the box, convenient for home gardeners who want to take care of their green spaces quickly.

In a higher price range, we also tested the Sthil FS 240 thermal brushcutter and if you’d rather discover a lithium-ion battery brushcutter, read the test of the Stihl FSA 57 trimmer, half the price of this one.

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Good autonomy
Easy to start
Very quiet
Powerful and precise cutting
Ergonomic tool

When it comes to clearing brush, the FS70 C-E is a powerful tool that can tackle many different types of grass. It features an ErgoStart system that eliminates the need to pull a cord while making the unit easy to use.
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Cordless autonomy is a concern for landscape maintenance. To address this, many tools are equipped with corded operation, including brushcutters and edgers. There are many exceptions, and I think the Stihl FS 70C-E brushcutter with its corded operation is one of them.

This equipment has everything you want in a powerful and inexpensive unit. First, it has a powerful 900 watt, 27cc combustion engine. Secondly, this device gives you the ability to cover a large area quickly and efficiently. Indeed, the fuel tank capacity is 0.34 liters which allows for a good autonomy. It is also ideal for mowing tall, thick grass with its power.

A big problem with many work tools is that they are extremely noisy, but Stihl has solved this problem by offering a silent brushcutter. If you’re looking for “quiet,” the Stihl FS70C-E brushcutter is a great choice, as it will not exceed a sound pressure level of 90 decibels.


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Starting and priming your Stihl brushcutter with its launcher is as easy and convenient as possible thanks to practical, state-of-the-art features. The Stihl FS70 C-E is equipped with an Ergo-start. This is a technology that ensures that the machine starts easily with a smooth ignition, without requiring much effort on your part even with a gasoline engine.


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Not everyone has the resources or time to do their own landscaping, even on small areas with finishing work. If this is the case for you, stop dreaming. The Stihl brushcutter gives you the means. The secret lies in the advanced engine and high quality blades.

This Stihl FS70 C-E brushcutter has a high-performance blade with good rotational speed that makes it easy to tackle a wide variety of cutting tasks like mowing. However, the brushcutter head and attachments are interchangeable depending on your needs (finishing work, weeding high grass or trimming shrubs). The cutting diameter is 420 mm with a nylon thread spool and 230 mm with a cutting head made of knives.

No matter where you keep your Stihl trimmer, it’s easy to get started. The Stihl FS70 C-E is a cordless thermal trimmer that offers great flexibility. Since there are no tangled cables, it’s easier to use the machine in any situation.


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This Stihl FS 70 brushcutter is one of the most powerful, easy-to-handle, lightweight and comfortable brushcutters available. It is equipped with a two-handled handlebar, which offers a good grip and increases the cutting range. The ergonomic handle allows for easy and natural movement, as well as a good standing posture during intensive work.

No need to reach behind the machine: all control functions are positioned on the handle, including the engine control functions. This improves safety. This is a versatile device that weighs 5.4 kilograms and can therefore be difficult to use when working in a standing position on sloping terrain, but it has the advantage of being portable. To simplify your task, the manufacturer has equipped the machine with a simple harness handle.

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As we know, cutting tools with a combustion engine are not cheap items. The Stihl brushcutter is no exception to this rule with a good quality ratio but a high price. However, to get a very good quality product and have one of the most efficient brushcutters, you have to be prepared to spend a little more money.

Stihl FS70 C-E thermal brushcutter is an attractively designed tool, but it’s not accessible to everyone with its price of 414$ on the brand’s website. The fact that Sthil did not take into account that its equipment can be used by the wealthy class as well as the middle and lower classes is a limitation.

Even so, this is not a spur-of-the-moment purchase, so you have to plan ahead. While I agree that it is very effective and efficient on vegetation, I think the designers should make it more accessible by lowering its price. That way, more people could use it.

To conclude, cleaning and maintaining your brushcutter is important after each use. This will help you avoid problems and extend the life of your garden tool. As well as an important place for safety when handling this gardening tool such as wearing safety glasses or a visor.

The Stihl FS 70 grass trimmer at the best price

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The Stihl FS 70 brushcutter at the best price

This thermal brushcutter is displayed at the price of 414,00$ on the website of the brand Stihl. The best price for this gardening tool as well as its accessories, spare parts or parts can be obtained from certain retailers like Amazon. The complete list of the comparison can be found below.
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Stihl FS 70 CE

Average price: 469,00$


Débroussailleuse thermique Stihl FS 70 RC-E

Stihl FS 70 RCE

Average price: 459,00$

Round handle

Technical characteristics of the thermal grass trimmer FS 70

Main features
Product usage
To cut green or dry herbs
5.4 kg
Maximum height of the product
175 cm
2 years
Engine & Power
Power supply
Engine type
27.2 cc
900 watts
Priming pump
Yes, reduces the number of throws at startup
Yes, reduces start-up effort
Other features
Noise level
105 dB
Anti-vibration system
Presence of a harness
Comfort harness
Cutting width
420 mm
Wire head capacity
8 meters
Number of wire outputs
2-wire nylon head included
Type of wire feed
Folding handlebars
With thermal circuit breaker
Supplied accessories
1 trimcut 31-2 head + harness + 8 tooth grass knife (depending on store)

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