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Motorized tool Grass trimmer
Coupe-bordure batterie Stihl FSE 60 test et accessoires
Ergonomics and safety
Our opinion

Average price: 139,00$

Technical summary
With AutoCut for cutting and cleaning
Electric grass trimmer for small jobs around the garden
Standard equipment AutoCut mower head
Round handle adjustable to user’s height
For mowing and maintaining small areas of lawn in addition to the mower.

Coupe bordure Stihl FSE 60 test complet
Coupe bordure Stihl FSE 60 test
Coupe bordure Stihl FSE 60 prix

Our opinion

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Powerful and robust
High quality

The STIHL FSE 60 has a high-quality motor in a smart position for better balance. The line is self-adjusting and you can even tap the ground to change the length of the cut. This corded electric trimmer is a heavy-duty machine for cutting grass. The motor on this Stihl FSE 60 trimmer is positioned to protect it from dust, which helps it last longer and keeps the trimmer balanced while you work.

Coupe bordure Stihl FSE 60 avis complet
Coupe bordure Stihl FSE 60 avis test
Coupe bordure Stihl FSE 60 avis


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The Stihl FSE 60 trimmer is ideal for small gardens, green areas and lawns, as well as around bushes and shrubs. The engine of this trimmer is fast and powerful, and its high position gives it a longer service life. In particular, the high engine position protects this garden tool from dust and debris. Its 540 W motor, combined with a 350 mm cutting diameter, produces a noise level of 94 dB.

Ergonomics et safety

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The Stihl FSE 60 is a corded electric trimmer that is reliable, ergonomic and easy to use, thanks to its versatile ergonomic handle that offers both comfort and safety. However, if you’re cutting tall/dense grass or weeds in areas with small stones or other debris, make sure you wear proper protection. It can be easily guided by the handle, which allows for an even cut.

The Stihl FSE 60 trimmer is a smaller version of the FS 56 brushcutter, so it’s lighter, more manoeuvrable and easier to carry. As far as weight is concerned, this trimmer has a relatively low weight of 3.9 kg, which means that you can use it in the garden for a long time without getting tired. On the other hand, it does not come with a harness. In the same weight category, we had the opportunity to test the Bosch EasyGrassCut 23, a cordless trimmer.


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This garden tool is ideal for low areas of grass, lawn edges, vegetation and tight spaces, finishing work, precise edging and other trimming tasks that gardeners enjoy.

For a detailed look at how to choose the right type of edger for your needs, read our guide.

This trimmer is rugged, reliable and built to withstand the toughest conditions. It’s a 2-in-1 multi-function tool, a fully functional trimmer and edger. Simply switch on and move along the edge of the lawn. The height adjustment is quick and easy. This power tool is switched on at the touch of a button. As for the handlebars, they are adjustable and can be set to clear the brush with ease.

The AutoCut C5-2 cutting system makes line adjustment as easy as touching the ground: as soon as you touch the ground, your line automatically adjusts to the optimum length. With this cutting head, you can even take on bigger jobs around the garden, such as trimming your lawn or clearing brush.

For larger areas or lawns, we recommend a gas-powered brushcutter such as the Stihl FS 70.

The Stihl FSE 60 grass trimmer at the best price

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The Stihl FSE 60 grass trimmer at the best price

This electric trimmer is displayed at a price of 139.00$ on the Stihl website. The best prices for this garden tool (and other garden tools) and its accessories or spare parts can be found on Amazon. See the full list below.

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Stihl FSE 60

Average price: 139,00$

Technical characteristics of the electric weeder FSE 60

Main features
Product usage
For cutting dense grass with weeds
3.9 kg
Maximum height of the product
153 cm
2 years
Engine & Power
Power supply
540 watts
Other features
Noise level
94 dB
Anti-vibration system
Cutting width
350 mm
Wire head capacity
15 meters
Number of wire outputs
2-wire nylon head included
Type of wire feed
Edger function
Yes, for clear demarcation of beds and boundaries
Adjustable handle function
Yes, allows a better comfort of use
Adjustment of the working angle
With thermal circuit breaker
Telescopic function
Supplied accessories
1 spool (depending on the store)

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