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Coupe-bordure thermique Stihl FS 38 avis
Ergonomics and safety
Our opinion
Average price: 179,00$

Technical summary
Cuts grass and keeps paths and driveways clean
Lightweight grass trimmer for gardeners
The round handle allows you to work in confined spaces
Easy filling of the cutting head with cutting wire

The edger is essential for all those hard-to-reach places in the garden. It clears grass around trees, along paths, around lawns and flowerbeds, and on embankments. An edger usually has two handles. The first is a control handle and the second is a holding handle. The Stihl FS 38 is based on this model and we will give our opinion after testing it. However, you can hold a trimmer with one hand, and it has a cutting head and a protective guard that keeps grass, rocks and gravel from flying around. The FS 38 from STIHL is lightweight and easy to use. It’s one of the most popular garden products in Stihl’s line of edging tools.

You can also learn more about how to operate and use an edger if you haven’t purchased one yet.

Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 38 test complet
Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 38 meilleur prix
Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 38 avis

Our opinion

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Give your garden a neat and tidy look! All you need to do is pick up the FS 38 from STIHL. This thermal trimmer is perfect for people with small lawns that only need trimming occasionally. The STIHL FS 38 is a reliable tool for keeping driveways and walkways clean. The STIHL FS 38 thermal trimmer features a dual trigger start system that prevents accidental starting. It cuts with a 380 mm diameter and has a protective cover that prevents dirt from entering the tool.

Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 38 test
Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 38 test avis
Debroussailleuse thermique Sthil FS 38 prix


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This gardening tool is equipped with a powerful 27.2 cc engine and a decent fuel tank capacity. Its characteristics allow you to use this trimmer to weed for a while before having to refill it. Of course everything depends on its use, if the work is intensive or not, the surface of your ground and green space…


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The Stihl FS 38 thermal trimmer is the easiest way to do maintenance work and the easiest way to quickly cut grass in inaccessible or tight spaces. With its precision, you won’t over-cut or damage your plants. Plus, it’s the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to do yard work. If your budget allows, we have tested the Sthil FS 240 professional gasoline powered trimmer.

This thermal trimmer model has an extra-long cutting range of 380 mm – even in difficult soil conditions. It has an excellent cutting quality after several tests in our field.

On the attachment side, the FS 38 is equipped with an AutoCut C 6-2 mowing head, but these attachments are interchangeable. This head has a 14 mm spacing and a 16 mm side exit. This means there are more cuts per meter as well as less overlap of cuts, which helps reduce fuel consumption.

Ergonomics and safety

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This versatile garden tool has a weight of 4.2 kilograms, which is relatively much lighter but still robust enough. This weight can be compared to a thermal brushcutter like the Stihl FS 70 CE, which still weighs 8.4 kg. Indeed, having to use a very heavy gardening tool for many hours if you have large gardens can be tiring at the end of the day.

Safety has also been greatly improved with the addition of a double starting trigger, so you can’t accidentally start it and avoid any gardening accidents. But it is important to wear closed shoes, protective glasses or visor and well-fitting clothes.

As an added benefit, a protective case protects the trimmer from splashes and dirt while giving users a clear view of the cutting tool.

The Stihl FS 38 grass trimmer at the best price

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The Stihl FS 38 brushcutter at the best price

This thermal trimmer is displayed at the price of 179,00$ on the website of the brand Stihl. The best price for this gardening tool as well as its accessories or spare parts can be obtained on Amazon. The complete list can be found below.

Débroussailleuse thermique Stihl FS 55 test et accessoires

Stihl FS 38

Average price: 179,00$

Technical characteristics of the thermal grass trimmer FS 38

Main features
Product usage
To cut dense grass with weeds
4.2 kg
Maximum height of the product
145 cm
2 ans
Engine & Power
Power supply
Engine type
27.2 cc
480 watts
Priming pump
Yes, reduces the number of throws at startup
Other features
Noise level
108 dB
Adjustment of the working angle
Telescopic function
Cutting width
Cutting width
4 meters
Number of wire outputs
Edger function
Type of wire feed
Adjustable handle function
Yes, allows a better comfort of use
With thermal circuit breaker
Supplied accessories
AutoCut 6.-2 wire head (depending on store)

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