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Average price: 259,00$ to 279,00$

Technical summary
Also suitable for large areas
Easy to use with the multifunction handle
Mows difficult terrain such as brush

For some people, it’s wise to have both a weed wacker and a lawn mower for garden maintenance or to clear grassy areas, weed and mow tall grass. This Stihl FS 55 grass trimmer will be a great help in cutting through difficult to reach areas and getting to the inaccessible parts of your garden. It is effective, easy to use for weeding, and allows you to work quickly. Let’s discover with this comparison the advantages and disadvantages for the garden.In the same price range, you can find our tests of the Stihl FSE 60 corded electric grass trimmer or the Stihl FSA 57 lithium-ion battery grass trimmer.

In the same price range, you can find our tests of the corded electric brushcutter Stihl FSE 60 or the lithium ion battery brushcutter Stihl FSA 57.

Our opinion

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Light weight

Versatile and powerful: the STIHL FS 55 offers performance, safety, and comfort to demanding gardeners. It is suitable for both professional gardeners and people with occasional needs. This ergonomically designed gas-powered grass trimmer combines the power of the engine with reduced fuel consumption. The machine is lightweight and easy to handle.

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First of all, the FS 55 is compact with a weight of 4.9 kilograms, which allows you to easily access all those difficult areas and corners, even on steep and rugged terrain. Secondly, it is also equipped with a single handle system for easier handling with a good grip and maneuverable guidance when working at height or on the ground, such as for paths or the edges of your lawn.


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It is also equipped with a grass trimmer head: 8-tooth grass knife (these accessories are interchangeable) for denser vegetation and intensive and efficient work without any damping (for example: mowing a dense grass meadow). Moreover, the diameter with the cutting heads is 380 mm with a wire and 280 mm with knives. However, despite its characteristics, it is not sufficient to cut dense shrubs compared to certain models of other brands. In addition, an ergonomic handle makes the tool comfortable to handle without too much effort.


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Stihl has put all its know-how into this gas-powered model with a stratified two-stroke engine of the latest generation, with a displacement of 27.2 cm³ and a noise level of 94 decibels, which is not quiet. Let us mention that this powerful engine guarantees optimal performance and a lot of power, while saving up to 20% of fuel for a similar thermal motorization. A simple thumb press is enough to start the Stihl FS 55, in short, ignition is no longer a problem. On the other hand, we regret the absence of an anti-vibration system which slightly detracts from its ergonomics.


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Then, in terms of autonomy, it is equipped with a 0.33-liter fuel tank, which seems correct for garden tools in this range.

To conclude, as with any gas-powered garden tool, it is important to clean and regularly maintain your garden equipment after each use to maximize its lifespan, especially in case of intensive use. Without mentioning safety, it is necessary to wear the appropriate protective equipment: safety glasses or visor, helmet.

The Stihl FS 55 grass trimmer at the best price

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The Stihl FS 55 brushcutter at the best price

This thermal grass trimmer is displayed at the price of 279,00$ on the Stihl brand website, it offers an excellent quality/price ratio. The best price for this gardening tool as well as its accessories or spare parts can be found on the retailer Amazon. The complete list can be found below.

Stihl FS 55

Average price: 279,00$


Stihl FS 55 R

Stihl FS 55 R

Average price: 259,00$

Round handle

Technical characteristics of the thermal grass trimmer FS 55

Main features
Product usage
To cut green or dry herbs
4.4 kg
Maximum height of the product
170 cm
2 ans
Engine & Power

Power supply


Engine type
27.2 cc
750 watts
Priming pump
Yes, reduces the number of throws at startup
Other features
Noise level
90 dB
Anti-vibration system
Presence of a harness
Simple harness
Cutting width
280 mm (blade) – 380 mm (cutting wire)
Wire head capacity
8 meters
Number of wire outputs
2-wire nylon head included
Type of wire feed
Folding handlebars
With thermal circuit breaker
Supplied accessories
Grass knife 8 teeth + Trimcut 31-2 head + harness (depending on store)

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